About ExcitoGolf

From original idea to final product

ExcitoGolf is a new innovative training aid company for golfers of all skill levels. By providing state-of-the art golf training tools ExcitoGolf is committed to helping golfers achieve their personal best in every aspect of this exciting and competitive game.

Original product idea started as a sketch. I (Vadim) was looking for a driver training aid that will help me hit the sweet spot more often. When I couldn't find anything like that I decided to make one myself.

As you can see PureShot Driver has gona a long way from the original idea. The best part about this invention is that it actualy works! It cannot not work, if you miss sweet spot you will know right away and you will readjust your swing or setup to find that sweet spot every time.

I hope you enjoy your experience with ExcitoGolf and I would love to hear your feedback after you try our products.

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